Top 5 Restaurants in Plano

Restaurants in Plano, Texas

There are many great restaurants in Plano, Texas to choose from after a long workday. We don’t think we’re alone here when we say that sitting down and enjoying a good meal is one of the best feelings after a long day spent at the office. After all, who is in the mood to cook at the end of a busy day?

Having a list of “go-to” restaurants in Plano can be really helpful whether you’re taking yourself out to dinner or you’re taking  your clients out for an important business lunch. Either way, we’re well familiar with the Plano area and some of the best restaurants it has to offer. 

Here are five of our Plano restaurant recommendations: 

Looking for a Texan-style restaurant in Plano? Try Haywire

While Haywire has two locations, we’re big fans of the Plano location. Haywire’s unique decor makes you feel like you’re camping, with trailers and campfires placed throughout their ambient space. Decor aside, their food is beyond delicious, with Texan favorites including Mini Elk Tacos, Venison Chili and Cornbread, Blackened Catfish and Shrimp, and so much more. Haywire is a great Plano restaurant option for the BBQ and southern food lover!

Looking for whiskey tasting restaurants in Plano? Try Whiskey Cake & Kitchen Bar

Whiskey Cake & Kitchen Bar serves beautiful farm-to-kitchen dishes and an incredible selection of whiskey-based cocktails and old fashions. For the whiskey lover reading this, this is certainly the place for you. Our pick? Try a delectable Bohemian Raspberry cocktail to go with your Pork Ribs or Wood Grilled Salmon. Alternatively, indulge in one of their many whiskey flights for a unique tasting experience. When it comes to restaurants in Plano, you can’t go wrong with Whiskey Cake & Kitchen Bar. 

Of all the classic BBQ restaurants in Plano, our favorite is Lockhart Smokehouse

If you’re craving chicken, pork, or steak at a great market price, then Lockhart Smokehouse is the place to go. Lockhart Smokehouse will always hit the spot when it comes to satisfying your southern BBQ cravings. Pro tip: don’t forget the sides! Their incredible sides like potato salad and mac n’ cheese complete the meal in just the right way.

You haven’t been to all the best Mexican restaurants in Plano until you’ve tried Mexican Sugar Cocina

Located on Lone Star Drive, the Plano location of Mexican Sugar Cocina is easily one of the best Mexican restaurants in Plano. Not only do they have seven different kinds of margaritas to choose from, but they also have delicious Mexican brunch, lunch, and dinner options for everyone, including a variety of fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. Our favorite is the Lump Crab Enchilada. Yum! 

If you’re looking for sushi restaurants in Plano for a change of pace, we recommend Densetsu

Sushi is always a good option if  you’re looking for a lighter lunch or dinner. When it comes to sushi restaurants in Plano, we always recommend Densetsu. While Densetsu has all the classics like California Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls, they also have delicious specials like Sushi Omakase, a chef’s choice sushi special. Not to mention a number of special rolls like the Red Mountain Roll and the Cherry Blossom Roll, which you won’t find anywhere else. 

The bottom line

Because there are so many great restaurants in Plano to choose from, it’s easy to see how you might become overwhelmed when looking for a place to eat. The good news is: as locals to the area, we know our stuff. We hope this list of our top five restaurants in Plano helps you find your new favorite spot to eat at after a long day at the coworking office.

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