Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Terms + Pricing

We like to keep things simple. Our leases run month-to-month with a 60-day notice to vacate for Office Membership and 15-day cancellation notice for a Social Membership. It’s easy-in and easy-out so no need to fret about being locked into a long-term commitment.

Our current termination notice is 60 days for Office Memberships and 15 days for Social Memberships.  Inquire with our building managers for more details.  We also have fully furnished  Day Offices at each location that allow you to rent by the day.

We have said goodbye to the traditional one-month’s-rent security deposit. Instead, we collect a non-fundable refresh fee, which allows us to return your suite to the “like new” condition that you found it in.

We offer several leasing options to accommodate you and your team, and availability and pricing vary in each location. Contact us today for details about current availability.

We do! Everyone loves a great deal and we strive to not disappoint! Please check on your location’s page.

Yes. Our Plano North and Prosper locations have dedicated retail space available for lease. Please inquire with the respective building manager for details.

In addition, members often use their office space at Caddo for retail-oriented businesses including therapy, wealth management, residential real estate and mortgage brokerage.

Our pricing is based on the number of offices leased as well as the location of the space rather than calculated by square footage. Offices across all of our buildings  start at $480/month for a single-person, interior office. All Caddo Memberships include utilities, mailbox, internet, access to common areas and kitchen amenities as well as conference room credits. 

Our company policy allows for one business per lease per suite. If you want to add another business, that’s great! Let us help you grow that business too!

Safety + Cleaning

Glad you asked! Our four-walls-and-a-door setup is a great start to COVID safety.  

Great question. One of the ways we ensure your privacy and provide a good value for your rent is by cleaning only the common areas twice a day. We have Office Members that contract for their own periodic cleaning and we also offer a self-cleaning caddy, complete with a Dyson cordless vacuum, trash bags, wipes and everything else you need to keep your workstation fresh!


“Normal business hours” hardly exist anymore. For this reason, we offer 24/7-member access to all locations. Our main entries are accessible for members, guests and the public during normal business hours Monday through Friday with limited hours on the weekends.  After hours access is members-only and the member must have an activated key fob or use our Caddo app to access.

Each location has comfortable seating near the entrance and often times on each floor to accommodate a waiting area for our professional services members such as counselors, attorneys and wealth managers.  Also, our building manager and up-to-date building directory can help your visitors find you!

For group gatherings or meetings, Caddo members can use monthly conference room credits.  Each location has a variety of conference room sizes to accommodate meetings.

We find that most members prefer to use their own furnishings. We are happy to offer furnishing solutions or vendor referrals.  Also, in select locations, we offer fully furnished units, sometimes at an additional charge.  Please inquire with your building manager.

Yes. Each suite has an option for you to personalize your front door with your brand. In addition, Office Members are listed on our building directory near the front entry and each have their own unique suite number and physical mailbox.

At most of our locations, our manager has a printer that can print the 11×17 paper that slides into our standard door signs.  At locations without the standard door signs, our building manager can assist.

We serve teams of all sizes at Caddo. Each of our locations have office suites in varying sizes to accommodate both individuals and teams. In addition, we have many members who combine multiple suites that are near each other to provide multiple team members with private offices. We do find that our concept tends to work best for individuals and teams of five people or less. We LOVE when our members outgrow us!


Not in the traditional sense. But, because our buildings are located within neighborhood communities, we do have walking trails and general off-site options for members to enjoy the outdoors! Gyms and personal trainers are also abundant and nearby.   In fact, our Prosper location has a trainer inside the building – NexGen Fitness.

Each location has multiple Keurig machines, cups, sweetener, creamer and stir sticks for your convenience to use with your personal coffee of choice. We have found that our members have their favorites and prefer to bring their own. Building managers always keep a small stash on hand for any coffee emergencies, though!

No. Each location has refrigerators for you to store your made-from-home goodies, microwaves to heat them up and vending machines to carry you through the day.  Also, each location has pellet ice (or Sonic ice as many members refer to it) on tap for you!  Many of our members like to get out for lunch or use their favorite food delivery service.  In addition, we have recently partnered with Lunchdrop to offer members a daily lunch option, delived to the building, with no delivery charge.

Parking options vary at each location. Our McKinney location has reserved parking for specific suites with direct parking lot access. Our Allen location has both above ground and underground parking. Our Lakewood location is 100% covered for all members with surface parking for guests. In general, all locations have ample parking available and it’s free for all members and their guests.


Yes! All Office Membership pricing includes internet and our ethernet ports allow for you to set up your VoIP phones with your favorite provider in your suite.

High-speed internet is included at all locations via in-suite ethernet ports and numerous Wi-Fi hubs throughout the building. Most of our members find that they get 50M of download on their wired connection and 20M on Wi-Fi. You are free to call, text, type and video conference away! 

We have 2 separate internet feeds coming into our buildings.  One is always fiber and the other is from a separate source (cable, DSL, etc).  This configurations has allowed for 100% uptime in our locations since we implemented it over 1 year ago.  This is not a configuration that is easy to replicate in a home or small office environment due to complexity and cost, however, we believe it is an essential service to provide to our members.

INDEED. In addition to a good, old-fashioned dry erase board, all of our conference rooms come equipped with large screen TVs that allow you to connect wirelessly without having to install any new software on your machine.

Members add these amenities using their provider of choice at their own cost. All are used via the internet and not traditional land lines or cable.

Yes, we offer StaticIP addresses and Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) options which includes a setup fee and a small monthly fee. 

No. We do not have a high demand for this service.

Each building manager has a copier/printer/scanner available for a nominal charge, however desktop multifunction printers have become very inexpensive and most members prefer the convenience of having this within their office.

We use dual, commercial grade firewalls between our network and the internet.  If a member requires even higher levels of security (HIPAA, PCI Compliance, Running Commercial Credit Cd Payments), then we recommend that member adds their own firewall plugged into the wall.  For added security, we can also provide a static IP for that firewall and/or a virtual LAN to further segregate the traffic. 

  • No, even though you are able to connect your printer to the WiFi, we isolate every device connected to Public WiFi to increase the security of our WiFi and separate all devices. This level of security prevents communication among devices, including printer to laptop or phone.
  • You are able to setup your own WiFi router and connect your printer to it in order to print/scan from it.


Caddo Office Reimagined offers three workspace options for users. 

Office Membership
Get some space and privacy with a move-in-ready, lockable office. Term-free with only 60-day cancellation notice required, membership includes internet, mailbox, access to common areas and kitchen amenities as well as 20 conference room credits per month. 

Social Membership
Pick a seat, any seat! Choose an open chair at any of our locations and get to work. This co-working membership includes internet, mailbox and eight conference room credits per month.

Day Office
Great for those looking for a new work environment on occasion or someone just wanting to try us out! This pay-as-you-go option includes a fully furnished private office suite with internet for the workday. 

This is our favorite part of the day! You can schedule a tour online, call the building manager or simply come by the front desk during business hours. 

There is a map located at the bottom of our home page.  Alternatively, you can Google “Caddo Offices near me”.

Traditional offices typically require tenants to agree to a lease term (such as three-to-five years) without a termination option and a limited ability to expand and contract as office space needs fluctuate. In addition, tenants can be required to cover the cost to construct and build out the space. 

At Caddo, Office Memberships is offered with a no-term lease with a 60-day cancellation that includes dual-feed internet, mailbox, access to common areas and kitchen amenities, conference room credits, 24-hour HVAC and on-site building management during weekday business hours. Members also gain access to a network of Caddo locations throughout DFW for day office or conference room access.

No. However, our Social Membership includes a business address and physical mailbox, eight hours per month of conference room time and unlimited use of all common areas at any of our locations.

Not for our common areas, however, we do have a Day Office option where you can use one of our furnished private offices on a weekday.