Work near home, not at home.

Get stuff done and be home for dinner.

We provide flexible office solutions to help reduce the loneliness of working at home while giving you the privacy you need to be productive. With three types of memberships and eight locations, you can find a working solution that fits your small business needs.

Best for once-in-a-while

Think of this membership as pay-as-you-go office rentals.  Safely get out of your home or that cramped coffee shop!

Best for casual-everyday

Choose a coworking seat at any Caddo location and get to work. Get all the amenities you need without any fuss.

Best for the office lovers

Get some space and privacy with one of our move-in-ready, lockable, private office rentals.

Choose your office location.

With Caddo, there’s something for everyone. Every Caddo location offers private office spaces, coworking space, day office rentals,  members-only conference rooms and a full kitchen area. 

Tired of working from home?

At Caddo, we take care of everything, so you can focus on taking care of your business.

Our office space memberships.

Day Membership Social Membership Office Membership
Length of term Day-to-Day 15-Day Notice 60-Day Notice
Free Conference Rooms None 8 Hours a Month 20 Hours a Month
Mailbox None Dedicated Mailbox Dedicated Mailbox
Access Weekdays 9am-5pm Any Location 24/7 Any Location 24/7
On-Site Branding None None Building Directory & Suite Sign
Workspace Private Day Office Shared Common Area Private Office

What our community is saying:

Mark G.


I looked at 4 offices in the area and chose Caddo for its amenities, feel and value. Highly recommend! Friendly coworkers all around!

Randy T.

The atmosphere is positive and provides for a great environment for work every day. Really love being a part of the community.

Nick H.


It’s amazing! Our clients always compliment the facility—it definitely makes a great first impression. Caddo takes very good care of us.

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