Office Membership

Get some space and privacy with one of our comfortable, lockable private office rental suites.

Office Amenities


Our base office rental for one person. These offices are found in the interior of our buildings and are the perfect option for those just starting out.

Team Size: 1 Person

Sq Ft: 64-99

Office Squared

Our bread-and-butter rental suite. For those who need comfort, privacy and focus, this is the office space for you. Ideal for one or two people.

Team Size: 1-2 People

Sq Ft: 100-149

Office Cubed

Whether you need your team in one room or you just prefer wide open spaces, these executive offices can accommodate teams of up to five people.

Team Size: 1-5 People

Sq Ft: 150-350

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Now that you know which membership option works best for you, it’s time to book an office tour. Please select the location that’s right for you and get started! We can’t wait to meet you.

Our 60 Day Guarantee

At Caddo, we don’t want you to feel stuck. Terminate your lease with just 60-days notice—no ifs, ands or buts.

Our Open 24/7 Guarantee

If you’re a night owl have no fear. We’re open 24/7 so you can work in the office any time of day or night. Just come on by!

Our Internet Guarantee

Say goodbye to internet outages! We guarantee every location has two separate internet feeds coming into the building.

Office spaces that create beautiful businesses.

Increase Productivity

Let's face it. Focusing at home isn't always the easiest. Boost your productivity by creating a workspace that works.

Join a Community

When you join Caddo, you're instantly connected to a robust network of entrepreneurs and small business owners.


At Caddo, you can work when you want. Come into the office for a quick hour, or spend all day making business moves. It's your choice!

Close to Home

Stay close to home, but get out of the house. Think of us as your neighborhood office space—friendly faces included!


For guests visiting your office or suite, each location has comfortable seating near the entrance and often times on each floor to accommodate a waiting area for our professional services members such as counselors, attorneys and wealth managers.  Also, our building manager and up-to-date building directory can help your visitors find you!

For group gatherings or meetings, Caddo members can use monthly conference room credits.  Each location has a variety of conference room sizes to accommodate meetings.

We find that most members prefer to use their own office furnishings. We are happy to offer furnishing solutions or vendor referrals.