How to Choose the Right Coworking Space in Dallas for Your Business

Coworking space in Far North Dallas. Richardson and Plano

Choosing the right coworking space for your business is important. Like most things, not all coworking spaces in Dallas are built the same. Some may cater to distributed teams or freelancers, primarily offering open workspace memberships known as Social or Hot Desk memberships. Alternatively, other Dallas coworking spaces primarily cater to businesses wanting a private office space without the overhead expenses associated with traditional office spaces. There are also many coworking spaces that offer a mix of both open workspace memberships and private office rentals.

In a city like Dallas, you have coworking options throughout every neighborhood and suburb. Here’s how you can narrow down your options to choose the right space for your business:

Start by making a list of your non-negotiable needs

Considering your business needs is an important step when choosing a coworking space. Do you need parking? Conference room space? A private mailbox? How about events and networking opportunities? Some businesses rely on in-person networking opportunities for new leads and connections. 

We recommend making a list of 4-8 non-negotiables. Not only will this list allow you to narrow down your coworking options, but it will also allow you to separate your “needs” from “wants”. 

Now, make a list of your coworking space wants

Next up, your list of coworking spaces “wants”. This list will look different for every business, but the point here is to narrow down the amenities that would be nice to have, but maybe not completely necessary.

When you start touring different Dallas coworking spaces, keep your “needs” and “wants” lists readily available, and remember to ask the on-site teams which amenities they offer.

Start touring coworking spaces in Dallas

Now for the fun part! You can’t get the exact feel for your potential Dallas coworking space online. While virtual tours are great, you should visit your prospective coworking spaces IRL to get a feel for each building.

Start out by making a list of coworking spaces you want to tour. Map out each location and allocate at least thirty minutes for each tour. Who knows, you might get inspired to work from one of the spaces right after your tour!

Pro tip: While most Dallas coworking spaces allow walk-in tours, we recommend booking your tour in advance. A pre-booked tour allows the on-site management team to tailor the tour to your needs and show you options you may have never considered.

Bring a few members of your team with you

While a coworking space may work for you, it might not work for everyone. If you’re looking for space on behalf of your team, think about asking a colleague to come check out the coworking spaces with you. It might lessen the pressure of choosing the ideal coworking space!

Don’t forget to consult resources and reviews!

Third-party reviews are valuable! Consult Google Reviews or other platforms to see the general consensus on your potential coworking space. 

Try a trial day at a Dallas coworking space

Trial days also hold a lot of value. While your potential coworking space may look great online and on your tour, it may fall short when it comes down to working there for a day.

Ask the on-site team if they offer any trial days for potential members. Also, keep your eyes peeled for special promotions offering free Day Passes after you book a tour. 

Still unsure? Look for low-commitment membership options

Commitment issues? You’re probably not the only one. Many Dallas coworking spaces offer low-commitment options for those who are more hesitant. Caddo, in particular, offers 60-day cancellation notice periods. There’s no reason to sign your life away!

The bottom line

Every company’s business needs differ, and not all coworking spaces in Dallas are built the same. Make your lists, do your research, and consult with the on-site management teams to ensure you’re choosing the right space for your needs.

At Caddo, we offer all the good stuff and more. Think private office rentals, open workspaces, free parking, 24/7 access, member conference rooms, and on-site management. If this sounds right for your business, take our short quiz to see which Caddo coworking membership is right for you.

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