5 Benefits of Working at a Coworking Space in the Dallas Suburbs

Coworking spaces are a great alternative to working from home. Joining a coworking space in general is a great way to add routine and structure to your day, while also increasing your productivity levels. Joining a coworking space in Dallas will give you many more perks and benefits that you may not find elsewhere.

Business has been booming in the Dallas area over the last few years. It seems as if Dallas coworking spaces have been popping up on every corner — and we understand why. Dallas is rising up to be a tech capital with many high-growth startups. As downtown Dallas is becoming busier, some companies are looking to settle down further out from the bustling core. The suburbs of Dallas, in particular, are becoming a popular choice for companies who are looking for the energy of Dallas, but closer to home.

This article will explore the benefits of coworking in the suburbs of Dallas and why we think you should join a coworking space there today. 

Working at a suburban Dallas coworking space will bring more structure to your day 

It’s easy to lose structure in your day when working from home. Losing structure can have you working later than you should and losing track of some important boundaries. If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, it can be especially difficult to maintain daily structure when you have just yourself to report to.

Dallas is now one of the fastest growing cities for entrepreneurs. Many of these entrepreneurs are choosing to work out of a shared space because shared spaces can add a sense of structure and routine to their day. You will be surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs who are expecting to see you at work. This alone adds greater accountability, which can be a huge benefit for entrepreneurs. 

There are ample networking opportunities at coworking spaces in Dallas  

One of the best perks of coworking is the ability to easily connect and network with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. A large network of like-minded individuals with opportunities to collaborate is the most significant difference between a traditional office and a shared space.  

The Dallas economy has experienced significant growth in the past decade. Working out of a suburban Dallas coworking space will give you ample opportunities to make connections with high-growth companies and entrepreneurs. The suburbs of Dallas offer great opportunities for small businesses, and many of these businesses have chosen to put roots down in coworking spaces. 

Suburban Dallas coworking spaces allow you to stay close to home

Dallas’ ever-growing suburban coworking scene allows you to choose from many different coworking options without having to look too far. Between the rising cost of gas and the two years spent working from home, more people are choosing to opt out from the draining morning and evening commute.

Need to pick the kids up from school? Want to head home for lunch? Have a lot of appointments in one day? No problem. Caddo office rentals and coworking spaces, in particular, are strategically located in the suburbs of Dallas. You can save on both time and money by choosing a suburban Dallas coworking option that’s located right in your own neighborhood. 

You will be surrounded by innovative Dallas-based startups and tech companies 

Dallas’ tech sector has seen significant growth in the past decade. Many tech companies are moving their headquarters to Dallas and bringing fresh jobs and opportunities with them. Because commercial real estate is expensive in downtown Dallas, many of these companies are choosing to work out of a shared space in the suburbs to save on cost. 

Working at a coworking space in the suburbs of Dallas will give you front-door access to a large network of innovative startups and tech companies. Last year’s ranking from Roofstock, a real estate investment marketplace, placed Dallas at No.5 among the major U.S. metro areas with the highest rates of start up formation. 

Working at a Dallas coworking space will save you money

As the Dallas economy grows, so does the cost of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate prices in downtown Dallas are at an all time high. Commercial properties are both selling and being rented out well above asking price because of the high demand. 

Rising costs and high demand have more companies turning to a more affordable and flexible option for their employees. Companies are offering hybrid work models that allow employees to work from home a few days a week and come into the office for the others. Coworking spaces are the most cost effective solution for a hybrid work model, and particularly in a city like Dallas where commercial real estate costs are on the rise. 

The bottom line 

Joining a coworking space in the Dallas suburbs has many advantages. We recommend booking a tour at a few different spots to see which space feels right for you. If you are new to the idea of coworking, check out this blog post for a run-down on the flexible work options here at Caddo.

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