Top 5 Office Spaces for Rent in Dallas

Dallas Coworking Spaces

Work has changed a lot in the past two years, as many organizations have become entirely remote. Not only that, but many people have branched out on their own with side hustles or passion projects that they’ve been able to successfully turn into businesses. If either one of these describes you, you’re probably looking for a coworking or private office space to rent. 

Being productive at home isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you need to get out of your home in order to reach optimum productivity levels. If you’re looking for a cozy place in Dallas to call your home away from home, check out one of these beautiful office rental or coworking locations. 

We’ve created this helpful list of our top five office spaces for rent in Dallas to make your search a little easier:

  1. Caddo

Our comfortable, versatile office rentals come in at number one. Choose between an Office Membership with private space for just you or your entire team, or a Social Membership for access to our comfortable common space and a chance to get to know your fellow coworkers. 

When you join Caddo, you’re also joining our robust community of small business owners and will have access to our space 24/7. With a number of locations throughout Dallas, you’re sure to find one close to home. 

  1. Cubexec

The Cubexec office in Las Colinas is a good coworking space for those living in that area. They have offices of all shapes and sizes, from board rooms for meetings to private offices for getting work done without distractions. This prime location includes many coffee and restaurant options nearby, as well as a yoga studio, gym, and shopping for after your work is done. 

  1. Wax Space

Named for its home in a historical wax factory, this coworking space is a good option if you’re in the Oak Cliff area. Wax Space often hosts events for lunch and happy hour, with local food and beer you can enjoy, and Texas Talks which brings business owners and creatives to share their stories. All of these options provide ample networking opportunities to get to know your fellow coworkers. 

  1. Good Coworking Dallas

Good Coworking Dallas is a more casual, coworking style office. If you don’t mind the hustle of other people working around you, you will enjoy working at Good Coworking. With a friendly, cozy and relaxed atmosphere, beautiful greenery outside and frequent events to get to know your coworkers, you will have a great time getting lots done. 

  1. WorkSuites Fort Worth

If you’re looking for the privacy of your own office, WorkSuites is a good option to consider. WorkSuite allows you to rent a full office for yourself, or a suite or set of offices for your entire small business team. If you’re looking for a more permanent, private option in Fort Worth, WorkSuites could be a good option for you and your business.

There are many great options for renting a private or coworking space in the Dallas area. We hope this list of our favorites helps you find the right one for you.

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