Socially Distanced Work is Happening Here

Hand sanitizer station in the coworking space at Caddo Office Reimagined

The prevalence of people working from home makes access to a safe, private office near neighborhoods more relevant now than ever. We are seeing greatly increased demand for Caddo Office Reimagined in Allen, McKinney and Plano amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Caddo has welcomed new members who were not able to effectively work from home, and who now are thriving in the “work near home” environment we provide.

The product provides a flexible office solution that does not require a long lease commitment and gives businesspeople the unique ability to scale their office space needs up or down as their business requirements shift in this unprecedented time.

We have found the following features to be meaningful to our members in the COVID-19 environment:

  • Our three existing locations have between 112 and 167 private office suites. These spaces have four hard walls with a lockable door, much like a hotel room or apartment. Members feel secure and safe in these fully enclosed spaces that are not open and accessible to others.
  • The locations are in two- or three-story, standalone buildings with two sets of open staircases. The primary staircase at each location is easily accessed from the lobby just inside the main entrance. This eliminates the need to press any buttons or step into an enclosed space for an elevator ride. Please note that our buildings are all ADA compliant and elevators are available for those who require them.
  • Our buildings boast wide corridors and spacious front lobbies. The extra space helps members keep their distance from each other.
  • Each building has surface-level parking and allows for members to walk outdoors from their vehicle to the building entrance and also does not require an elevator ride in a parking garage.
  • The restrooms in our buildings either have stalls that run floor to ceiling or are single room spaces with a dedicated door, giving members added privacy and safety. Restrooms have also recently been equipped with foot pulls as an added safety measure.
  • The common areas at each of our locations are cleaned at least two times per day by our janitorial staff.
  • Our conference rooms vary in size so that members may reserve the space that they are most comfortable with to allow for meeting attendees to space out appropriately.
  • Our buildings run HVAC 24 hours a day, seven days a week and all rooftop HVAC coils are deep cleaned regularly.
  • Finally, two of our buildings are located on major trail systems and some of our members are taking advantage of them to walk or bike to work.

We are extremely pleased to know our members feel secure working at Caddo as their safety is our top priority. We are continuing to closely monitor the ever-changing restrictions related to COVID-19 and are updating our operating procedures in compliance with state and local orders. These updates are available here on our website.

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