Remote Working in Dallas: How to Stay Connected to Your Community

Working remotely in Dallas

Most of us transitioned to working remotely in March 2020 due to COVID-19 and experienced the challenges that came along with it, navigating isolation, social distancing, and Zoom meetings. The past couple years have been tough, and we all know working from home can be lonely. Many people have struggled with mental health in recent years because of the increased time spent alone. 

Luckily, there are several great ways to stay connected with your community and improve your mental health while working remotely. We’ve created this helpful guide so you can build community here in Dallas while working remotely. 

Connect with those in your immediate vicinity

Make time to spend with those in your home each day, even if it’s just lunch with your roommates or a walk in the park with your partner. Find ways to connect to other people. Remember you’re not alone, even if you work that way. 

If you live alone, there are many ways to engage with others who live nearby, such as participating in a community garden or attending the Dallas Farmers Market, fitness classes, and community meetups. Staying connected with those in your immediate community will greatly improve your mental health. 

Send cards to colleagues and clients

The holiday season is coming up and everyone likes to get mail! Consider sending out cards or small gifts to your colleagues and clients for birthdays, holidays, or even just to say thank you for something they did that you really appreciated. Sending cards is a great way to create and cultivate a community, whether your community is near or far.

Take care of your mental health

It’s important to take time to prioritize your mental health, whether that be through therapy, self care, medication, or other means. If working remotely is taking a toll on you, reach out to your loved ones or talk to your doctor for support.

There are many simple ways to improve mental health you can do right away. Join an online or in person fitness class, spend quality time with friends and family, take time away from work, and do other things that bring you joy. Prioritizing what’s important will help make remote work feel less isolating and exhausting. If you’re feeling burned out, make sure you take time for yourself, do things that you enjoy, and seek out help if you need it. 

Join a coworking space

One of the best ways to stay connected with others is to join a coworking space in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Caddo gives you the opportunity to be around people and meet new friends while still working a remote job. Even if you rent a private office in one of our beautiful spaces, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy communal spaces and activities. 

With multiple locations all over the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, you’re sure to find one close to home. If you’re ready to consider a coworking space, book a tour with us today.

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