We’re Rebranding!

Exterior view of Caddo Office Reimagined, McKinney location

Dear Members,

We are very excited to announce a change coming over the next few months. Yeager Office Suites of McKinney, Plano, and Allen will be renamed Caddo Office Reimagined.

Why are we re-branding the company:

  • While Caddo purchased Yeager Office Suites of McKinney, Plano and Allen in July 2019, Yeager Properties continues to operate Yeager Office Suites in Frisco as well as eight locations in Indianapolis. We aim to eliminate any confusion between the two ownership groups in our marketing and operations efforts.
  • Our sector of flexible office space for small businesses has continued to adapt and change, especially in 2020. We want a brand that includes the word “office” to better communicate what we are offering. We like the descriptor “reimagined” as a reference to the many changes and adaptations that are taking place in our business model.
  • As we grow the concept, we believe it is important to move forward with a unique name that we can trademark nationally, and we have successfully trademarked “Caddo Office Reimagined.”

Where did the name “Caddo” come from?

When we first started Caddo Holdings in 2009, we met for a retreat at a friend’s lake house to establish the company business plan, core values and name. Our friend’s 14-year-old yellow lab, “Caddo,” attended the retreat. Caddo (pronounced cad-dough) was a loyal and courageous companion that was known for jumping out of boats and into the lake to chase alligators in order to protect his family and friends. We felt strongly that a dog who was brave enough to perform this feat was worthy of having a company named after him. Here’s to the courageous underdogs!

What is changing?

  • The name – From Yeager Office Suites to Caddo Office Reimagined.
  • The website – From YeagerTX.com to CaddoOffices.com.
  • All signage – Interior and exterior.
  • The “mantra” – “Get stuff done” and be home for dinner. We think this captures the essence of our product – a highly functional and productive office space for small business owners and corporate entrepreneurs.
  • New locations – Caddo Office Reimagined Lakewood and Flower Mound will deliver to the market in 2021. Your current membership will grant you access privileges and conference room booking capabilities in these new locations.
  • Member portal – We are rolling out a new system for conference room reservations and billing, which will give you a greater ability to control payment options and self-pay.
  • Internet – We have upgraded the internet service to all existing buildings to provide more bandwidth into the building as well as two different feeds, allowing members continued internet access if one feed goes down.

What is NOT changing?

  • Your rent – As promised before, your rent is frozen at the current rate through the end of 2021.
  • Staff – All existing staff will remain the same, with new business cards, email signatures, and uniforms.
  • Yeager Frisco accessibility – You will still be able to book conference rooms at this facility.

When will we make the change?

  • The rebrand has been in planning stages for more than a year and we have started using “Caddo Office Reimagined” to market our Lakewood and Flower Mound locations.
  • We will be making the name change for the existing Yeager locations public over the coming weeks and months.
  • The effective date of the new name in Allen, McKinney and Plano will be 1/1/2021. We thank you for your ongoing membership. We look forward to bringing you more locations and a better product for your business in 2021 and beyond.


Tim Slaughter
President, Caddo Office Reimagined

Lakewood—Arriving Fall 2021
Our Lakewood location is currently under construction and will provide neighborhood residents with a convenient place to work, build relationships and transact business. We are restoring the building in a manner that reflects and celebrates the original architectural style, known as New Formalism, and interior design present when the building first served as the home to Lakewood Bank and Trust.

6301 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75214
(214) 560-3265

Hard hat tours beginning in January

Flower Mound—Arriving Fall 2021
Ground-up construction is underway on this new property that is conveniently located along FM 2499 across from Lakeside.

2201 Spinks Road
Lewisville, Texas 75022
(972) 636-4121

Hard hat tours beginning in April

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