North Tarrant Social Membership

Coworking Space in Allen, TX

Welcome to Caddo Allen, where your professional needs meet exceptional convenience. Our Social Membership offers unparalleled access to our facilities, ensuring you can work efficiently and effectively whenever you need.

Why Get a Social Membership

  1. Access to Multiple Locations: Enjoy 24/7 access to all Caddo locations across the DFW area.
  2. Conference Room Credits: Receive $160 worth of conference room time included in your membership.
  3. Private Locking Mailboxes: Secure your business correspondence with a private USPS-delivered mailbox.
  4. Free On-Site Parking: Convenient and always free, ideal for busy professionals.
  5. Fully Equipped Workspaces: From K-Cups to vending machines and microwaves, we’ve got your break-time needs covered.
  6. Flexible Membership: Cancel anytime with our 15-day cancellation policy.

All Locations


Per Month

Benefits of Joining Our North Tarrant Community

Professional Network

Connect with a robust network of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Flexible Work Hours

Work when you want, whether for an hour or the whole day.

Productivity Boost

Escape the distractions of home and increase your productivity in our dedicated spaces.

Close to Home

Enjoy a professional environment near your home without the commute.

Who Needs This

Meeting Space Seekers

Perfect for those needing occasional meeting room space without long-term commitments.

Coffee Shop Alternatives

Ideal for professionals looking for a cleaner, quieter workspace than a coffee shop.

Business Address Users

Great for businesses needing a prestigious address in high-demographic suburban DFW markets.

Future Office Leasers

Prospects waiting for a full office can get priority access and use our facilities in the meantime.


Absolutely! You get eight credits per month. Standard rooms cost one credit per hour, large rooms cost two.

Yes, feel free to bring your lunch, use your own K-Cups, or enjoy our vending machines and microwaves.

The Social Membership costs $299 per month, which includes numerous benefits like 24/7 access, conference room credits, and more.

Yes, private mailboxes are available for an additional $100 per month.

Our prime locations, included amenities, and strong community make us the top choice for professionals in the DFW suburbs.