McKinney Renovations Complete

Coworking space at Caddo Office Reimagined, McKinney location

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the renovations to our main lobby and 2nd floor men’s restrooms at our McKinney location. It had been eight years since the location was built and we felt it was time to brighten up the main common areas, add café seating and bring our coworking area up to the front of the house. In addition, we added a men’s restroom stall after hearing member feedback that three stalls in the whole building was just not enough. Thanks to Jarep Construction, Kim Gill and Brad Hatton for a terrific execution. They were able to meld a small(er) town country aesthetic with a contemporary way of working. The result is comfortable, professional and a bit cheeky all at the same time. We will be holding a contest to name the Neon Chicken! Stay tuned.

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