Caddo Office Reimagined Picks up Workspace in Prosper

Caddo Prosper location

DALLAS – Caddo Office Reimagined has continued its acquisitive streak with the purchase of a property in Prosper. 

In a transaction that closed today, Caddo has snapped up a FUSE Workspace location at 130 North Preston Road. The building, which will be rebranded as a Caddo Office Reimagined locale, holds 114 office suites.

 Caddo, an offshoot of Caddo Holdings, has found its sweet spot in the flexible office space world by providing users with office space within neighborhoods along with membership options that include 60-day cancellation, no-term leases. Locations are about 40,000 square feet. 

“As a rapidly growing North Texas suburb that is home to an increasing number of small business owners and entrepreneurs, Prosper is a highly desirable location for us to have our seventh fully operational building,” said Tim Slaughter, president of Caddo Office Reimagined, in a prepared statement. 

The Caddo team has spent the last 18 months looking for new locations to grow its North Texas portfolio.

“With our experience as commercial owners, we prefer to buy or develop our new locations, as this affords us the most flexibility and control in what we offer to members,” said Slaughter. “We were fortunate when a friend of our company introduced us to the local developers who created this standalone coworking center in Prosper. Over time we became better acquainted with each other and the similarities in our models and eventually came to an agreement that benefitted everyone involved.”

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