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DALLAS – Caddo Office Reimagined uses Yardi Kube and Voyager as software solutions to provide automated workflows for end-to-end operational tasks. Yardi Kube is an all-in-one platform that delivers property, accounting, and IT management for flexible workspaces. Using Yardi Kube has allowed Caddo to offer self-service solutions for their customers to give them the most productive workspace possible.

The Challenge

When Caddo acquired its first three coworking office properties in 2019, they came with an in-house management system developed by the previous owner. The system couldn’t process automatic payments and required manual input for accounts receivable journal entries from Yardi Voyager. Caddo tried another software system, but it also failed to provide the data integration they needed to be efficient. Those limitations led Caddo to seek a new software solution that would integrate with Voyager and provide automated workflows for end-to-end operational tasks. With plans to grow their office operations from three locations to twenty in five years, Caddo sought a robust coworking platform backed by an established company that invests in its technology solutions.

The Solution

Yardi Kube is an all-in-one platform that delivers property, accounting and IT management for flexible workspaces. The platform eliminates manual billing and paperwork and helps companies grow and scale by streamlining member management, lead generation, IT needs, accounting and reporting. Members can access self-service options and prospects can access a marketplace, while operators gain comprehensive oversight. Yardi Kube works seamlessly with Yardi Voyager to address all accounting needs for shared space from accounts payable to real-time financial reporting. A mobile app further facilitates self-service for members including bookings, billing, door access and more to provide a superior experience.

The Story

With the motto, “Get stuff done and be home for dinner,” Caddo’s office spaces are designed to help members work productively and comfortably with a range of easy-to-use services. Caddo also wants its staff to enjoy the same efficiency and benefits. Voyager and Yardi Kube work together seamlessly to make that happen.

As a Voyager client, having a flexible space management system that syncs with Voyager accounting in real time to deliver a single source of truth was a driver for Caddo to select Yardi Kube. “Yardi built an institutional grade platform with Yardi Kube, with a consumer-friendly front end look and feel,” said Tim Slaughter, president of Caddo Office Reimagined. Slaughter remarked on how automating processes — such as move-ins and move-outs, helps the company operate profitably with a “lean and mean” staff. “The real heavy lifting with tenants comes when they move in and move out. The more those processes are automated, the better, and Yardi helps us with that.”

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