5 Reasons Why You Should Get An Office in Frisco, Texas

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The location of your office should be one of the most important determining factors when looking for office space. Though the location depends on your needs, your office should be easy to get to and located near essential amenities. In Texas, we’re lucky to have many great towns and cities that are perfectly suited for an office location.

One place that tops the best places to work in Texas is Frisco. Frisco is located approximately 25 miles north of Dallas in Collin County and boasts lots of parks, a variety of great dining options and quick access to entertainment and sports events. In this article, we’ll explore five reasons why business owners choose to office in Frisco, Texas.

Frico’s weather

Frisco’s weather is comfortable with winters averaging around 62 degrees and summers averaging around 87 degrees, making it a place where year-round golf is possible. For those who aren’t fans of the snow and love the heat, you will be very happy with Frisco’s weather.

Frisco’s community

According to the Harvard Business Review, people are more likely to stay in their jobs if they not only feel a sense of community within their company, but also have personal ties to the location of the job. Frisco offers a Southern sense of community where everyone says “hello” and makes you feel at home. Frisco’s natural hospitality makes it both an enjoyable and comforting place to work out of, whether it’s for one or five days per week.

Quality of life in Frisco

Frisco was named the #1 City to Live In back in 2018 for multiple reasons — with the cost of living at the top of the list. Frisco offers a relatively low cost of living while area businesses provide high salaries. Job opportunities are abundant and people are able to pay off their homes faster in Frisco compared to other parts of the country and state. Frisco businesses are continuing to grow and flourish, public and private schools offer great education and there are many fun recreational things to do in the area when you aren’t busy working. 

Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, Frisco’s high quality of life makes it a great place to spend your workweek. And, who knows? Maybe working in Frisco will eventually turn you into a resident, too.

Things to do in Frisco

Will you be expecting lots of clients at your future office? If so, show them around Frisco and join in on some of the many recreational activities Frisco offers. You can catch a Minor League baseball game at Dr. Pepper Ballpark, visit the National Video Game Museum, or take a stroll through the Texas Sculpture Garden. You can grab a bite to eat at 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse or enjoy a nice patio lunch at Didi’s Downtown. If you’re not meeting with clients, take a break from the office and get some fresh air at Rockledge Park.

Great Frisco Coworking options

Last on our list of reasons why you should get an office in Frisco is the ability to easily join a coworking space. If a traditional office lease isn’t an ideal fit for your business, then a coworking space may be the right fit for you. 

Whether you’re launching a start-up company or running a small local business, Caddo’s Frisco location has three types of memberships that may work for you and your team. If you’re part of a distributed team or you’re a solopreneur living in the Frisco suburb, you can try a day pass at Caddo to see if it’s the right fit. 

A close-to-home neighborhood office can get you away from your kitchen table and into a productive environment full of like-minded people with similar goals and ambitions. Book a tour today to see if our Frisco location is the right place for you.

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